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hey there!
my name's mary-jane. i've seen you on DAD a few times and i'm curious about minneapolis, because i've always thought of moving there. also! it seems as though maybe you used to live in my hometown? (portland) i saw a few hints in the last post. anyway, i'd love to be friends and read about your life in MN!

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Well, sure! Unfortunately I've never lived in Portland, but I hope to someday. We can swap cities. What draws you to Minneapolis?

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ahh, i saw your alberta co-op shirt!

i'd just like to move somewhere else, and for some reason minneapolis has been that place in my mind. i suppose because it's in the midwest. i'm going into social work and want to work with native folks (i'm ojibwe myself) and there are more reservations and in general, a higher native pop. out there. maybe not within minneapolis, but the surrounding area.

i'm pretty sick of portland at this point! haha. i grew up here though.

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Ah, I was wondering what clued you in. I loved that co-op, once upon a time.

Well, if you're going to move to the midwest, Minneapolis is the place. From what I know we do have a native population in the city, to an extent.

So jealous. I'd give anything to have grown up somewhere nice, even if it meant being sick of it now.